Product Review – Hartog Lucerne-Mix Digest

Okay guys, to start off I wanted to give full disclosure – when I first started Cosmo on the Lucerne-Mix, I didn’t realise it was the Digest specific mix I had received. While I would have preferred to have put Cosmo on the normal Lucerne-Mix, I can’t deny the changes I’ve seen in him since starting him on the Lucerne-Mix Digest. So now, that that’s out of the way, its time to get on with the review…

What is Hartog Lucerne-Mix Digest?

Lucerne is another name for Alfalfa so the Lucerne-Mix is something that can be substituted for your regular Alfalfa brand. Lucerne-Mix Digest is promoted as a natural solution for avoiding stomach and intestinal problems. Personally, anything natural that can help with stomach issues in horses gets a thumbs up from me as I don’t believe it’s good for horse’s to be on constant supplements to solve those issues.

They specifically recommend this feed for sport horses, horses who suffer with ulcers and other intestinal issues or horses who are sensitive to stressful situations.

What is in Hartog Lucerne-Mix Digest?

The power in the Lucerne-Mix Digest comes from the appropriately named POWERSTART formula which is a special blend of natural micro elements and is combined with acid buffers, prebiotics and yeast cultures – for those of you who are like me and don’t really understand what all that means, these are basically all those good things that horsey tummies like.

All these ingredients help to resolve damage to your horse’s stomach while also providing a protective barrier to support better gut health. Apparently raw Lucerne can be quite bitter so they have also added liquorice along with fruit and vegetables, to make the mix more palatable for your horse.

Another important thing to note is that there is no grain, molasses or other energy-rich sweeteners used in this product so if you decide to swap this into your horse’s diet, keep note of your horse’s energy levels. It may suit them to the ground or they may need something extra for an energy boost. I’ve definitely found Cosmo to become quite sluggish since being on this feed.

How to feed Hartog Lucerne-Mix Digest

After giving the experts in Lucerne some info on Cosmo – his age, height, condition, work load and what he’s currently being fed – they were able to recommend exactly what he should be getting.

Cosmo’s Profile:

  • 16.2hh 4 year old Irish Sport Horse
  • Fed Twice a Day on GAIN Cool n Easy Mix (1 x scoop per feed), Beet Pulp (1 x scoop per feed) and Alfalfa (1 x handful per feed)
  • 3 x Haynets of Haylage per day and roughly 4 hours of grass turnout
  • Ridden 5 days a week – 2 days of hard work and the rest a mix of easy/hacking/field work
  • Good condition but he’s young and still very weak but starting to build muscle

After sending this across to the team, I was given so much information but for the sake of this post, the following is the summarised feedback:

  • I was doing a good job at what I was feeding Cosmo already
  • Horses should be fed 1-1.5kg of dry matter (or roughage) per 100kg, for Cosmo who is roughly 600kg it should be around 6-9kg per day.
  • No big changes to his feed other than to swap out my current alfalfa for the Lucerne-Mix Digest
  • Feed 1kg of the Lucerne-mix a day which measures out to approx. 2 x scoops per meal
  • Roughage is the basis

Feed the Lucerne-mix through the concentrates you give. When you do this your horse has to chew more, also on the concentrates, thanks to this the passage is slower and the nutrients will be better absorbed. Also, thanks to the extra chewing there will also be extra saliva which neutralizes the gastric juices and will prevent health issues.

Hartog Recommends

The Results

I’ve had Cosmo on Lucerne for over a month now and I can absolutely see some differences in him. He’s filled out quite a bit already in some key places such as his shoulders and behind the saddle. He’s also got some really good healthy weight on him now too which he’s been able to maintain with his workload. It’s important to note, that while feeding your horse the correct feed will help them build muscle more efficiently, you won’t see any huge changes unless you’re doing the work and exercising them properly to complement what you’re feeding them.

All in all, even though this wasn’t the feed I had initially intended on giving Cosmo, it has definitely still impressed me with how well it’s kept him. The one thing I’ll say against it is that it does seem to have made him a bit more sluggish but some small adjustments to his other feed should help solve that problem easily.

The Details

Where can you find Lucerne-Mix in Ireland? Holmestead Saddlery are the only place I know of that stock it and are where I got mine. They have a store based in Co. Kildare, Ireland and another store based in Northern Ireland but if you’re not close to either, don’t fear as they also deliver!

Lucerne-Mix costs €19.99 so it is on the pricier side but I got two bags which I’m only now coming to the end of after 6 weeks and bear in mind, in that time I had 2 horses to feed for two and a half of those weeks so it’s lasted very well.

Hopefully I’ve given you all the information you need to decide whether the Lucerne-Mix Digest is the option for your horse or not. If there is anything else you’d like to know, drop us a comment below or you can message us on any of our social channels for more info. Otherwise, the team in Hartog are super friendly and helpful too.

As always, thanks for reading,


Product Review – Georgian Dollar Sieta Riding Jeans

By now, us girlos here at No Bucking Way are well used to reviewing different horsey products and giving you all the low down on what you can expect from them. So when the lovely Amanda at Georgian Dollar agreed to send me out a pair of her Sieta Jeans to review I got super excited because riding jeans have been on my want list for well over 3 years now.

To be totally transparent, this is my first review of an item of clothing so before I sat down to write what you’re about to read, I really thought about what it is that you would want to know before buying a pair of riding jeans. What’s always stopped me from making a purchase before was mostly the price. Any of the nice ones that caught my eye always seemed so expensive and then I’d worry if the sizing would be accurate and if they’d be good quality or if they’d look as good as they did online. So with all of this in mind, here are my thoughts on the Sieta Jeans.

The Jeans

Let me start off by saying that I absolutely love these jeans. These are genuinely a great buy for anyone looking for this style of riding trousers. So what do I love so much about them..ehh EVERYTHING!

The Fit & Sizing:

To start, these are absolutely 100% true to size. I’d be a (reluctant) size UK14 but honestly depending on the brand, I could be either side of this so when I asked for the size 14 I did worry whether that would be the best fit or not. When the jeans arrived, I did have a little panic when I first took them out of the packaging as they seemed much smaller than I’d have liked around the waist but alas, I needn’t have worried because the stretch on these bad boys is real.

The leg size is perfect – not too tight so they slide right on, not too baggy and the perfect length with no extra material left to roll up at the end to ensure they go into my riding boots comfortably.

These jeans also have belt loops with one extra loop than usual so if you do find you need a belt, you don’t have to worry about the belt riding up as your jeans slip down (believe me, this has happened to me with normal jeans – think I might need a gym!). So far so good.

The Style:

There are so many things to love about the style of these jeans. Starting from the top, I love the design and placing of the button. The extra length and curve over the zip adds such a gorgeous difference to your standard pair of jeans. The zip itself tucks right up to the button so you’ll have no concerns of being caught flying low.

The placing of the Georgian Dollar branding is discrete and classy with a gold logo over the left pocket and a placing between two belt loops on the back. The shading of the denim itself is gorgeously classic which means it guarantees to match with virtually any top in your wardrobe.

Specific Features for Riders

Hack in Sieta Jeans

Comfort: Being 70% cotton, the material of these jeans are super soft making them extra comfortable especially in the saddle when rubbing and chafing can occur. I wore these jeans when me and Dars went on a road hack one day which was a good hour and half of riding and other than the usual stiffness after a long hack, I was otherwise unscathed.

Silicone Grip: What riding trousers are complete these days without the coveted silicone grip? I’ve ridden in a few different pairs of jods which all have some form of grippiness to them and I have to say, so far the sieta jeans are my favourite. They add a subtle sturdiness to your seat without being too grippy. I have another pair that literally feel like I’m plastered to the saddle which is honestly not as great as it sounds.

Lycra Ankle Cuffs: This is that black patch on the bottom of the trouser legs and I never realised how important it was until I wore a normal pair of jeans to the yard to compare the experience. The lycra ankle cuffs make it much easier for the jeans to sit into your riding socks and boots, reducing the bulkiness – flippin genius!

The Riding Experience

After all is said and done, none of the above matters if these riding jeans are an absolute disaster to actually ride in. Thankfully, that’s not the case with the Sieta Jeans.

I have ridden in them 3 times since I got them – once for a light session in the field, once on a decent road hack and once for a hard work session in the arena. I can honestly say, riding in these jeans was just like riding in any other pair of jodhpurs. They stayed put around my waist, the zip stayed in place, there was no uncomfortable rubbing on my legs – I genuinely forgot that I was even wearing jeans at all which for me is exactly what I wanted.

In terms of general wearing around the yard – I wore these to one of Darielle’s lessons and also the day that I miraculously turned Coco’s tail from black to white – you may have spotted them in the video. They were super comfy and again just like wearing any other pair of jodhpurs..except maybe better cause your arse will look great the whole time you’re in them 😉

About Georgian Dollar

Georgian Dollar is based in the UK and their Sieta Jeans are available to purchase through their website The Jeans are available in size UK 8 – 16 with a handy size chart available here. And as an extra bonus, they are totally machine washable!

Price-wise, you’re looking at £92 with free shipping. However, as a little treat to our NBW followers, Amanda has very kindly given us a special discount code which will give 10% off when you order a pair of Sieta Jeans by 31st October so make sure to get your order in quick!

Get your discount by Clicking Here or use the code NBW_SpecialOffer on checkout. You will see the discount applied after you click through to checkout.

So…have you bought yours yet? If you’ve been on the hunt for a high quality, comfortable and stylish pair of riding jeans, then look no further because the Sieta Riding Jeans are exactly what you’re after. The £92 price tag is on the high side but when you think about what you’re getting it makes the spend very worth it.

If there’s anything that I haven’t covered here that you’d like to know, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment. I’m happy to answer any questions.

Thanks for reading and happy shopping 🙂