Ultimate Bucking Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Time, all the dealsss & wine… Yes it has a great ring to it! We have been bending over backwards the last 2 months contacting brands & trying to source the best deals going for you guys our loyal followers. The absolute stress, but it is so worth it when you sit back and watch all your hard work being used as every equestrians bucking gift guide this holiday season.

With it being the season of giving, we have a special Likit gift to giveaway for one of our lucky followers too! All you have to do is head over to our Facebook or Instagram pages (or both for a double entry!) and share the Gift Guide post and we will choose one lucky winner for this amazing likit gift.

Without any further hesitation, lets get this bucking show on the road, scroll down to find out what discounts we have secured for you, what our must haves are for Xmas & more importantly the Black Friday Deals!!

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NBW Follower Discounts

Comfort Gut – Emerald Balms

One of Comfurt Gut’s lesser known products is their Emerald Balms. Handmade, this aromatic balm is rich in Avocado oil which is considered excellent for nourishing and moisturising. The essential oils found in Emerald Balm, which were carefully selected, are considered to have antibacterial, antifungal and soothing properties making it ideal for treating cuts, abrasions and scabbed skin. It’s also great as an everyday moisturiser for people who work outdoors.

Emerald Balms can be bought in a tube or in a range of tub sizes. Buy Now from just €14 and make sure to use Code: OFFER to get a special NBW discount!

PC Racewear

A little bit racey, the slogan that just rolls off the tongue! Not only for the horse race enthusiast but this equestrian brand is one of our firm favourites. It has a massive range of variety from hats, waterproofs to soft shell jackets. and with that, yes we have another code for you!

Enjoy 20% off Adult/Childrens Softshell Jackets using code: YESBUCKINGWAY.

To shop follow this link to their website and lets all get #AlittlebitRacey!

Equissentials Dressage

This is a must have for any one obsessed with those matchy mathcy sets. PS of Sweden xmas colours – Atlantic and Violet are an absolute favourite. Their riding tights, specifically the Katinka tights are on our Xmas list, available in colours plum and rose gold (plus a whole range of other colours).

We of course have a special NBW Discount code for you guys to use on the site. Code: Bucking10 for 10% off.

To shop click here, you wont be disappointed!

ZeroFit Baselayers

Our newest and probably one of the most useful products we’ve had the privilege of trying out this year are the ZeroFit Baselayers. Between their two products, the Ultimate and the Move, you are well and truly covered this winter. The heavier Ultimate is perfect for those days where you’re hanging around the yard or at a show for hours whereas the lightweight Move is ideal riding-wear.

These baselayers retail from £40 but you’re in luck as we’ve got another handy code for you to use to buy your very own. Code: NBW01 for 20% off until 2nd December.

Click HERE to shop now – PS. they are very true to size!

NBW Recommends

With such a selection of products on the market these days, we wanted to highlight some of our recommendations from our own collection of tried & tested products.

Georgian Dollar – Sieta Riding Jeans

The perfect gift for any equestrian. Stylish. Comfortable. Fit for purpose. Great quality – what more could you want!? If this doesn’t have you convinced then check out our review of these jeans HERE.

These are available to purchase on Georgian Dollar for £92.


A revolutionary new training aid that not only allows your horse his freedom to stretch and move his neck as required but also relaxes and encourages them into a natural contact.

The ReinRite is a top class training aid used by many top international riders when schooling their horses. Check out our full review of this fantastic product HERE.

Buy yours now for €159 HERE.

Jumpstart Showjumps

A brilliant local producer of top quality showjumps, John O’Toole from Kildare has a massive selection of poles, wings, cross country jumps, cavaletti stands and anything else you may need for your arena at home. With prices starting from €17 for un-painted poles, these are definitely worth a look if you need to expand your collection and if you’re looking for something a little different, John also offers customised orders. Check out our full review HERE.

John takes orders over Facebook or you can call him directly on 086-7337925.

Santa’s SackOur Most Wanted!


Have you ever wanted to be your own physio? Or your very own pain reliever? Well look no further, throw away those hot water bottles Epiony is our new must have product. The Heat Pad has been made from a light weight super soft leatherette fabric combined with heat resistant insulation wadding to trap and reflect the heat back onto the muscles to sooth and relax them.

RRP: £139.99 available to buy from Here.

It is certainly a Christmas Gift I am hoping Orla will leave in my stocking this year…. Hint Hint…..

Le Mieux

What Santa Sack is complete without a few select items from LeMieux? And in even better news they’ve got a fabulous selection of items not just for your horse but also for you! Check them out…

LeMieux Loire Headcollar

A lovely soft halter featuring fleece lining at the poll strap, nose band and cheeks. Buy Here for RRP: £38.95. Available in: Blackcurrant, Grey, Black, Navy, Ice Blue and Peacock

LeMieux Lustre Rug

Smart show rug that has it all.  Incredibly soft faux rabbit fur lining polishes the coat to a perfect lustre, keeping dust to a minimum. Buy Here for RRP: £149.95. Available in: Navy or Burgundy

My LeMieux Madrisa Fleece

A luxurious long sleeved zipped fleece, perfect for layering in cooler weather. Wind and moisture repellent, as well as slightly sweat absorbing make this an ideal garment for the active rider. Buy Now for RRP: £59.95. Available in: Black, Hunter Green and Mulberry

Stocking Fillers

LeMieux Signature Leather Belt
RRP: £29.95

Holmestead Saddlery Pole Holders
RRP: €12.99 – 4 or more €9.99

Black Friday Deals

The Equine Warehouse – 50% off select items online – Click Here

Henry James Saddlery – up to 50% off site wide – Click Here

ComfortGut – Code: BLACK50 – Click Here

PC Racewear – 20% off Softshells – Code: YESBUCKINGWAY – Click Here

ZeroFit Baselayer – 20% off BaseLayers – Code: NBW01 – Click Here

Hardy ETC – 50% off everything on their site – No code – Click Here

Aztec Diamond – 65% off on their site – No code – Click Here

John Whitaker International – Over 50% off on select items – No code – Click Here

Brogini – Over 50% off – No Code – Click Here

Horse Health – No Code – Click Here

Vicky Lambert – Photography – 20% Off Premium Photoshoot – No code – Click Here

Christmas Vouchers

TRI Equestrian – from €10 – Click Here

Abbeyfield Farm – Hacking In Kildare – Click Here

Coach Sue Byrne – Riding Lessons – Contact her through her Facebook or Instagram pages – Click Here for Facebook and Here for Instagram

Hollywood Horse & Pony Trekking – €10 off a 90 minute TrekCall 085 111 7448 Offer ends Sunday! Gift Vouchers also available.

And there you have it folks, our Ultimate Bucking Christmas Gift Guide. With only a month left until Christmas, this is definately going to help those loved ones out at Xmas time for getting you that perfect gift! Dont be shy about tagging them as a hint either…

As always, thank you to every brand who took part & gave their time to us when we reached out, without the weeks of emails I dont know where we would be!

Dont forget to share & tag to be in with a chance to win our Likit! Competition closes Black Friday

As always, thanks for reading,

Darielle & Orla

NoBuckingWay’s Christmas Wish List

Well we’re just one week from Christmas and we here at NBW cannot wait! Christmas is one of our favourite times of the year – spending time with the family, eating until you could explode and the mandatory indulgence in tasty beverages. But we’d be lying if we didn’t say one of our favourite parts are the presents. 

In saying that though, majority of the time the presents aren’t exactly for us but more for our horses. So when we were asked to provide a list of things we wanted, well we may have gotten a bit carried away. Our first destination for horsey shopping is always Old Mill Saddlery. We’ve bought things from their site a few times and we’ve never had a bad experience. They have every horsey brand under the sun too so they offer a great high quality selection and usually at a cheaper price than if you were to buy direct. So check out our very horsey Christmas Wishlist!



Professional’s Choice VenTECH Contoured Jump Girth

After two years of good solid use, it seems Coco’s girth is on its way out. The elastic is starting to snap so I decided it was time to get a new girth. After some browsing I came across the Professional’s Choice VenTECH Contoured Jump Girth. I hadn’t heard of the Professional’s Choice brand before so I did a quick google search to see what they’re all about and I was definitely impressed. 

This girth is designed with a non-slip, neoprene VenTECH™ liner which conforms to your horse and allows heat and moisture to escape. Personally, I like anything that is designed with the horse in mind so that was me sold. 

Available to buy on Old Mill Saddlery for €84.69


Prestige Open Front Leather Jumping Boots

I have been eyeing up these boots before I even owned a horse. I could never bring myself to spend this kind of money on a pair of boots for the horse (let alone myself) but when I was asked to provide a list of things my boyfriend could buy me for Christmas, how could I leave these off? So, size Medium. Tobacco Brown. Gimme now.

Available to buy on Old Mill Saddlery for €126.50


LeMieux Loire Close Contact Square Grey

Well people, they’ve done it again. The LeMieux gods have gifted us another beautiful collection of numnahs and saddle pads and we fell in love at first sight. The LeMieux Loire Collection is probably one of their finest works of art and incorporates words like satin fabric, memory foam suade collar and textured leather girth protection. What more could we want!? Oh and its also available in devilishly appeasing colours like Grey, Navy, Peacock and Blackcurrant.

Available to buy on lemiuexproducts.com for €71.94


Roeckl Madison (Ascot) Glove Navy

I bought a pair of Roeckl Madison Gloves over a year ago and I have to say, I haven’t found a brand that has matched them since. In the equestrian world gloves are hard worn so it’s unlikely you’ll find a pair that won’t get a hole or two eventually but I don’t think I’ve ever gotten as long out of a pair of gloves as I did these. After trying some cheaper alternatives it became obvious that for certain things, sometimes you just need to spend a bit more to get your value. 

Available to buy on Old Mill Saddlery for €22.54


Samsheild Shadowmatt

When you start your list of things you want for Christmas, the first thing you tend to think is, “Well, what do I need?”. It was only when I did this I realised I actually haven’t changed my helmet in nearly 3 years. In those 3 years I’ve had at least 4 falls, one of which was out cross country on very very dry ground. And you are advised to change your helmet every 5 years or after a fall where your hat sustained an impact so…I feel I should get a new helmet.

Enter the Samshield Shadowmatt! I’ve never spent this kind of money on a helmet before but when the majority of the cost is covered by a kind donation from Mr. Claus himself, then why wouldn’t I splurge? I do need to change my helmet afterall…But why out of all the helmet brands out there would I choose Samshield? Well aside from the fact that it’s endorsed by some of the best international showjumpers worldwide, I just really like the neatness of these helmets. I was comparing it to the KEP Italia helmets and I always found those helmets to look very bulky. So I have settled on Samshield.

This is not a product I’d be comfortable buying online so I’ll be heading to TRI Equestrian for mine. Available to buy for €270.00.

Shires Flamingo Single Bridle Bag

Holy Moly, Have you ever seen a print as pretty? This is one of those things that is not a need but most certainly a WANT. Travelling to shows, and well throwing your bridle around the back seat of the car & eventually you begin to notice a few scratches and tangles in your beloved most likely expensive bridle, so why not get a bridle bag that you can fling it around in?

The Bridle bag itself Features an inside adjustable clip-in strap to keep your bridle secured in turn lets in hang securely, with a padded grab handle and reinforced base. I will warn you all, this bag has been incredibly hard to find, they sold out within minutes of being put on sale!

Available on Shires Equestrian for €15.50

Shock Absorber – Shock Absorbing Bra

Something for the rider and not for the horse, An item any equestrian with big tata’s will take into consideration. Do you find it hard to find a bra/sports bra to keeps your twins in control when you ride? Well look no further. I think we may have found the solutions. It may be a little pricey, but there has only been good reviews on this Shock Absorber sports bra! A new running brand that have brought out the ultimate Sports bra to help everything stay in place!

Originally designed for joggers, this padded run shock absorbing bra, does everything it says on the tin, well I hope so cause I have just ordered one! It has been designed for ultimate bounce control!

Retailing at €55 from Brown Thomas, I think this buy will be an equestrian wardrobe staple for the next year!

Le Mieux Four Seasons Leg Wraps

Well, last up on our list. Something I have searched high & low for. Dante is a terrible traveller in the box, he is constantly ripping & tearing his travel boots so I set out to search for a pair that were a little less bulky & viola! I think I have found what I have been looking for. They are designed to wear in the stable, suitable for both front & back legs, also perfect for travelling your horse in, THANK GOD!!

They come in a few different colours, red, navy and royal blue. I know they may not cover his hock if I was to put them on behind, but I can put his larger travel boot over these for extra protection, god knows he certainly needs it! They can also be used as stable boots for keeping the legs clean and tidy they also providing a moisture wicking properties in the boot for wear after being washed.

Available from Old Mill Saddlery at just €29.95 a pair

And there you have our 2018 Christmas Wishlist! Needless to say we probably aren’t going to get everything we’ve asked for but hopefully we might get a few things ticked off list 😉 If not, our birthday’s are coming up in the next few months so we may get lucky!

Do you have your eye on any specific horsey items this year? Let us know in the comments, we’re always looking for more inspiration!

Thanks for reading,

Orla & Darielle