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Welcome to GoCompete.ie where you will have equine Ireland right at your fingertips. 

GoCompete.ie can be whatever you need it to be. If you’re the fortunate owner of an equus (oh yes, we’re now speaking latin) and looking to keep up to date with all the upcoming shows in your area then you’ll want to go ahead and register as a competitor.

If you’re an equestrian business owner then we’ll slip on our official GoCompete.ie business hats and direct you to register as a business, if you would be so kind!

Ladychapel Stores

ladychapelstores.ie | Tel: (01) 628 6926| mtravers9@icloud.com

Ladychapel stocks a range of equestrian and agricultural products including Horse, Agri & Poultry Feed, Horse Supplements, Bedding, Yard Equipment & much more! This is just a small example of the type of products Mark has on offer but if there’s anything he’s missing, let him know and he’s always happy to order something in for you.

Visit their Facebook Page or Instagram to keep up to date on their latest offers


by Timothy O’Keeffe

reinrite.ie | Tel:+353864543466| reinrite@gmail.com

We are delighted to be Brand Ambassadors for ReinRite Equestrian Training Aid. It is a Horseracing and Sporthorse training aids used to develop top-line muscle, relaxes horses and lowers head carriage.

Check out their Website to Purchase your now. Be sure to give them a follow on Instagram too.

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