Darielle & Dante

NBW founded in 2016, has grown from strength to strength over the past few years. Having a positive attitude towards the world of horse riding, a world that can sometimes be quite tough, harsh and critical of your average non-professional rider no matter what discipline your riding or competing in. NoBuckinWay was created as a safe space, for riders or horse enthusiasts to join in, explore and learn things they may have not wanted to ask in fear of it being stupid. We create schooling exercises, for the younger horse, older horse or your green horse, we simply do not judge!

My name is Darielle, and i am the proud owner here at NoBuckingWay. Some people may call me crazy trying to juggle family life with a horse and a new equestrian business to add into the mix but I say challenge accepted.  I have been riding since I was able to walk, and to say I put my parents through heartache is an understatement. I was forever in and out of hospitals with broken bones, but what equestrian hasn’t?! Dante as you all well and truly know, we have been on quite the rollercoaster. Bought when he was 4, he is now 9 and still thriving in what he does. Our journey has been something else and i cant wait to keep going with it. 

Be sure to follow our blog updates as I try to navigate my way around the challenges that are thrown at us!  


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