Winderen Gel Bit System – Product Review

Its been a while buckers, The OG horse product reviewer has returned!

Back with a bang with our latest product review on the “Winderen Gel Bit System”. Often you see product reviews been thrown up within minutes of said person receiving said “free” product, myself on the other hand, I like to use and trial products for quite some time before I feel happy or comfortable being able to actually recommend it to you, my lovely followers. Keep scrolling and find out for yourself what my exact thoughts are on The Winderen Gel Bit System….

About The Brand?

“For us at Winderen, horses have always been our greatest passion and a part of life. Years of experience in the saddle along with our vast expertise in industrial design and technology led us to the first innovative solutions for horses and riders that were not yet available on the market – and this is how Winderen was born”

Winderen Gel Bits System is a unique gel mouthpiece system, a specially designed innovative approach for riders who use more than one bit in their daily training schedules. Each gel mouthpiece is interchangeable and offers riders the freedom to change cheek/bit pieces.

The Gel Bits System is pleasant to touch, eagerly chewed and accepted by horses and has a great resistance to biting. A number of different mouthpieces are available all with different flexibilities as well as a number of bit pieces available leaving riders open to a vast array to choose from.  

Now you know about the brand, let me get into the detail about what I thought, the benefits, and most importantly where to purchase, Keep scrolling below to find out more.

*Whilst this was a gifted product, my opinions and reviews remain honest*

Why Did I want To Use It?

Finding a bit to suit your horse can be quite a difficult task, when you think of what is required from doing flatwork at home to what you need in the competition ring sometimes a selection of bits is required. Some for more control, some for lighter training days, this all can also varies from horse to horse.  Being able to keep the same mouth piece, whilst having the flexibility to change the bit pieces was something that stood out a mile when it came to the Winderen Gel Bit system.

Not many brands have created or provided the rider an easy way to adjust their bit without having to change to mouth piece, but Winderen have in fact hit the nail on the head with their new Gel Bit System.

Finding a mouthpiece that suits your horse can be a task in itself, but when you find the right mouthpiece that your horse is comfortable in, the next issue is finding a desired cheekpiece to match the mouthpiece for acquired task. Personally it has been a viscous circle.

Dante previously was ridden in a rubber mouth straight bar full Pelham, as we progressed the Pelham was running us into slight training issues. There was no freedom to change the bit and keep the mouthpiece hew as comfortable in and this was quite a frustration.

This was until I discovered Winderen and their genius Gel Bit System. Simply created  to cater for your horses needs allowing the rider the freedom to change the cheekpieces as required all whilst allowing your horse to ride comfortably in their preferred mouthpiece.

Who wouldn’t want to try this system out? I am quite surprised it hasn’t been on the market sooner.

Types of Mouth Pieces available

  • Rigid Mullen Mouth
  • Flexi Mullen Mouth
  • Super Flexi Mullen Mouth
  • Ported Mullen Mouth
  • Ported Mullen Mouth with Bit Guards

A Wide range of cheekpieces/bits are also available to purchase, these can be purchased separately if required, they consist of;

  • Egg Butt
  • D-Ring
  • Full Cheek Gag
  • Baby Pelham
  • Full Pelham
  • Beval
  • Double Broken
  • 2 Ring and so much more, check out the link below to their website where you will find the full list of what is available.

What bit will be the best for your horse? | manufacturer and equestrian shop Winderen

My Opinion & Would I Recommend?

An outstanding product, one which I would 100% recommend.

The above is quite a statement but the Winderen Gel Bit System has been a standout addition to our tack, and when you sit in the saddle and have a horse happy underneath you enjoying their work you most definitely find it hard to argue any cons. That being said, I have gone through many bits and brands to get to this place!

When picking what mouthpiece and bit I wanted to try out,  I chose the Ported Mullen mouth piece with bit guards along with the Egg butt Snaffle and Baby Pelham. Its safe to say I have not looked back since.

I tend to ride more in the baby Pelham at the moment as I gain that extra bit of control, that being said, there were a few moments at the beginning where I got a few head shakes from him, this was down to me having control and him not being able to run away from my contact.

He rides a lot smoother and rides over his topline in the Winderen Bit, something that I found very tough for him to achieve straight away when being ridden with regular metal mouth pieces. Changing the bit pieces itself is extremely easy, each bit purchased comes with an allen key and you simply screw off and screw on the as required.

See an example of an assembly video below!

I will admit, I don’t use the Eggbutt mouthpiece as frequently as the baby Pelham. It is mainly used for flatwork or hacking not so much for jumping. I find it quite mesmerizing, once you find a mouthpiece your horse is happy riding in you should stick to it,  something I never really put a second thought into before. After using the Winderen Gel Bit System, the freedom to be able to adjust the bit/cheekpieces depending requirements was a much more economical way of going.  

Lastly, I do have to mention that each mouthpiece is created to be durable against chewing, something that worried me, to this day there isn’t a mark to be seen which has me super impressed considering the Mouthpiece is used a minimum of 4 times a week and Dante chews!!! 

Coming with a 1 year guarantee, something many brands or products struggle to offer as much anymore, was another added bonus!

Concluding on the above it’s a 10/10 from me, a need not a want for every equestrian.

Benefits of Winderen Gel Bit System

I have seen a lot of The Winderen Gel Bit System on the Irish scene, from Amateur riders to Grand Prix riders, at least one if not more horses are spotted in the Winderen Gel Bit System at any horse show I have been at recently.  

See some key benefits below to help you if you are thinking of purchasing;

  • Durable against Chewing
  • 1 Year Guarantee
  • Multiple selection of mouth pieces and bits pieces to choose from
  • Winderen bits encourage chewing and loosening of the jaw
  • Can be used for horses allergic to metal bits
  • Good for sensitive horses struggling to accept a metal mouthpiece
  • Comes in White or Orange

Purchase Details

The Winderen Gel Bit System is available to purchase on the Winderen website, see links below;

Winderen Website:  https://www.winderen.com/en/shop_offer/3/bits.html

Be sure to also follow the Winderen social media pages, Facebook & Instagram for more updates on their extensive product ranges.

Any questions on my review or anyone with any queries, drop me a PM and I will be happy to help.

Until Next Time,


Product Review – Reinrite Lunging Aid

The ReinRite Lunge…. I bet your all wondering what this product is, where it came from and why it has taken me near to a full year to write a review about it! Well, you know what they say… product reviews do take time, this allows me to use the product for some length of time before I spill the beans to you guys on my thoughts on the said product.

Lets jump right in, and get to the nitty gritty of everything you need to know about the ReinRite Lunge.

Disclaimer: As you all may be aware, I am a brand ambassadors for ReinRite, with this in mind it does not mean that we endorse their products for the sake of it. All my reviews are honest, have had a lot of trialing and if I didn’t believe or like the product my true opinion would be shared with you our readers.

About ReinRite

Created and owned by Timothy O’Keeffe, a Cork native. The one and only who brought us the original ReinRite Training aid that well frankly swept through the showjumping market over the past few years as the must have product to have. The ReinRite brand is about creating the perfect solution to encourage horse/ponies to adapt a correct outline or way of moving and to engage their hind quarters correctly, all with the aim of having a relaxed horse underneath or in front of you, promoting correct muscle build with less injury in the process.

What is ReinRite Lunge?

The ReinRite Lunge is in my opinion, a modern day improvement on your standard side rein. This product is produced to a finer standard which gives you long lasting benefits. Personally I think it would be a huge plus to any breakers in training or for anyone who incorporates lunge work into their weekly routine as much as I do. Like the regular ReinRite, There is no restriction of movement when your horse is working, allowing full flexion for you horse when turning left or right and most importantly it can be used in all paces, walk, trot & canter. The bungee cords that attach to the bit and roller girth are elasticated giving your horse loads of freedom to stretch, work and move forward.

What Benefits Does using the ReinRite Lunge Have?

  • Helps settle and calm your horse into their work on the lunge
  • Softens your horses mouth
  • Encourage freedom of correct flexion
  • Improving the acceptance of a contact
  • Develops topline muscles

My Thoughts on The Product

I first received the reinrite lunge from Timothy over a year ago, I think I got it last Christmas if I am being honest. I wont lie, when I first seen it, I was a little confused as to what it was, how it worked and how it was going to benefit my horse in his training.

Dante is lunged with his bridle (snaffle bit) and his roller, When first using the reinrite lunge, I attached one side to his bit, with the other clipped onto the top of his roller, one on either side, I started my lunging session and to be honest it was a nightmare, I didn’t find Dante was concentrating to much and felt he was running away with me way more than usual, obviously left slightly confused I ended the session and well decided to give it another go the following day.

The second day, I approached it slightly differently, on first look, the ReinRite Lunge doesn’t look too big, it hasn’t that much give in it, it has adjustable buckles on either side where the length depending on how you want your horse to work can be adjusted, with this I thought what’s that harm in shortening it slightly to see if this gave Dante less freedom and a bit more connection. Like before, I clipped it onto his bit, this time instead of clipping to other ends to the top of the roller, I clipped them to the side buckles of his roller, or if in simpler terms for you to understand better, the area where you would fasten your girth. The difference was well quite astonishing. This was a phase of Dante’s Life where he was just getting the hang of the hole lunging business and with this product he settled, he relaxed and he quite simply worked.

Rotating between the Reinrite Lunge & the standard Pessoa over the past few months, Dante, well as you may have seen has build up quite substantial muscle.

For me, the ReinRite lunge is an essential piece of kit. This product has limited availability, available from http://www.reinrite.ie or by calling or emailing Timothy with your order. I know I couldn’t live without mine, it has certainly helped shape Dante into the horse he is today.

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to drop me a PM!

Talk soon,


EGO7 vs Roeckl – The Glove Review

Hello Buckers!

It has been some time since I sat down and put some words into a blog for you all! It has been a hectic few months, form riding everyday to jumping almost every weekend, I did struggle to get back into the swing of blogging. I have been quite content on sticking to my Instagram posts, and well frankly I do miss writing down my opinions and putting my thoughts down in writing. Dangerous I know, arn’t you glad I don’t do this with a few drinks on me, god knows what I would come out with!

Anyways, getting back to the point, I have a lovely glove review below! I used to hate wearing gloves, until my hands began to start hating me for being raw and sore and just being full on horrific looking because they weren’t wearing any protection (hehe lol!)

I was gifted my Roekl gloves, as a present and I purchased the Ego 7 gloves out of curiosity, I dont know what it is, but it is extremely hard to find comfortable gloves to ride in… keep scrolling to see my thoughts below!

The Roeckl Glove

About The Roeckl Glove

“Roeckl Sports, premier equestrian glove manufacturer, is a family run business based on Munich, Germany, in their 6th generation of family ownership. Roeckl has a truly unique understanding of the sensitive relationship between horse and rider. While the rider is able to feel the shape and mood the horse is in, the horse also feels the rider. The rider communicates their intention with the body and especially with the hands, which is why riding gloves must never lesson the sensitivity. Top functional materials such as Roeck-Grip were developed by Roeckl for riding. Strong yet very thin, supple and elastic, while providing an excellent grip on the reins.

Roeckl’s excellent product artisanship and superior materials are evident in their riding gloves. They understand the bond that forms between a horse and rider, and so design gloves that foster that bond with exquisite “feel.” Roeckl Gloves fit like a second skin, allowing an elegant appearance, as well as extreme sensitivity on the reins.”

My Thoughts

Name one equestrian who doesn’t rave about the Roeckl glove? Il wait. While they are on the expensive side of riding glove, the price tag is certainly worth the price when you find yourself riding in a pair of these gloves. They seem to just mould to your hand from the minute you put them on, if they are new, old or worn they just fit so snug every time.

The wide variety of styles, colours and sizes as well as gloves for different disciplines is super impressive. Roeckl have really stepped up their game big time compared to their small range that they came out with a few years ago. There is nothing really I can fault massively with this glove, the wear and tear is long standing, I have my pair over a year now and I am only seeing small stretch marks on the side on my gloves which unlike any other glove they are certainly lasting their time.

They are comfortable, the fit is well and they are not too chunky on my hands when I am riding. Its a 10/10 from me. While they are on the slightly higher scale when it comes to the price range, it is an investment worth making! Just don’t loose them and you’ll be flying!

The Ego7 Glove

About The Ego7 Action Glove

“Ego7 ACTION Glove combines top grip technology with a classic fashion look and exceptional functionality. They are made of highly abrasion-resistant, superior vegan leather that provides a second skin effect, maximum grip and suppleness. Critical seams are double-stitched for extra durability.

The branded metal logo flap fastener across the back of the hand, the elasticated wrist ensures a snug, individual fit. These gloves fit perfectly to guarantee a real feel of the reins. Thanks to the innovative touch screen fingertips, they are cell phone compatible, perfect for daily use in schooling, training, competing and pleasure riding.”

My Thoughts

The “Action” Glove as it is described on the TRI website is a stunning glove to be fair, it’s fashionable, looks good and is not bulky and stuffy like many gloves on the equestrian market at the minute. These also go up in a number sizing format, they don’t just have a small, medium or large, which I quite like. It means you can fit your glove perfectly to your hand.

Me, like the awkward hun that I always am, I panic when trying things on in shops and struggle to pay attention to many things. This resulted in me half arse trying the glove on and ending up with a pair probably a size too big for me. And in typical Darielle fashion, she only realised after taking every single tag off and after riding in them thinking her hands would grow into them. Like Honestly, who even am I.

I can sadly say that I cant use my phone when wearing this glove, I do have a feeling that this is because they are slightly too big on me, which is a shame cause I am an awful divil for a selfie when on board. In hindsight, they are fully weather resistant, super comfortable and don’t give you that horrible sweaty hand feeling after a long hard training session. They are similar pricing to the Roeckl glove with a set price of €30 per set,

My only con, they need more colours, I would love to see a brown or a navy! I would recommend investing in a pair of these gloves even though one or two of the features mentioned didn’t technically work for me, They are smart, look extremely well in show gear, and their Vegan friendly?! What more can you want!

The Verdict

Up until recently, I would of hand on heart said their is zero comparison to the Roeckl glove, I wouldn’t of even bothered looking else wear or at another brand. But I have to say Ego7 have left me weak. They have set a standard and have delivered on a fabulous product.

Don’t get me wrong, the Roeckl glove will always be a firm favourite in my eyes, but I wont be shy recommending the Ego7 pair going forward, a save of €10 is a good save these days especially if your paying for a product of the same quality!

If you wish to purchase either glove, both are available and where purchased from TRI Equestrian. See links below!

Ego7 Glove – Ego 7 Action Glove (triequestrian.ie)

Roeckl Glove – Roeckl Chester Gloves (triequestrian.ie)

Keep an eye out next for my Flex-on Vs Acavallo Stirrup review, this one has been a hot topic in my IG DM’s!


March Exercise 1 – Improving Your Horses Canter & Adjustability

The month of February seemed to run off with me a little and I never got to upload my last exercise! What better excuse to keep pushing them into March to keep us all motivated during our extended lockdown, here in Ireland anyways. This week we are back to pole work. I still alternate between grid work, related distance pole work and course jumping, so this is an exercise I tend to use quite a bit for my pole workout days.

Keep scrolling below to see the layout and “how to” on this weeks exercise.

The Set Up

See the image below the set up, this also includes the striding you need between the poles. I use this exercise as a flat work exercise, I also raise the poles but for the brave you can of course introduce some jumps to the mix!

Note: In the image below, poles with triangles beside them, were not jumps but raised cavaletti poles, these can be set up also if you wish to jumps or poles flat on the ground whatever suits you and your horse.

How To Ride This Exercise

  1. As always, I advise that a good warm up is done prior to partaking in any of our exercises. For this exercise I focused on having a forward moving canter in my warm up. Try to make sure you warm up evenly on both reins, I find timing my riding really helpful! Transition work from trot to canter around your arena will also benefit you as we piece the entire exercise together
  2. Lets begin, as always section by section. I began firstly cantering over my related distance poles. whilst both distances are measured in 4 stride and 2 stride distance, I focused a lot on adjusting the canter between these poles, this really got Dante listening to me (after a while) and in turn it made his canter a lot more adjustable. This will really help me on my jumping days, and it is something I have been putting a lot of focus into the last while
  3. Once you are happy with how you are riding both distances, whether it be hitting the striding perfect each time or trying to adjust for longer or shorter strides, it is time now to add in the 3 raised trot poles across the middle of the arena.
  4. The three raised poles for me where to keep Dante’s head busy as we approached the related distances, as well as my head from over thinking. I tend to over think a lot if things when it come to doing a lot of canter work! (Don’t even ask!) This again is where all the warm up transition work will come into play.
  5. Once you are happy with the above steps, it is time to piece the entire exercise together. A lot easier said than done! As per the image below I have numbered from 1-3 as to how I rode the entire exercise. 1 – Start in your trot over your raised poles, travel around over 2 – you 4 stride related distance, 3 – into your two stride distance, and then finish off again by transitioning down to trot and travelling over your raised poles again working on having smooth downward transitions.

The Benefits of The Exercise

  • Improves your horses canter and adjustability
  • Teaches horse not to Rush
  • Improves your eye for a stride

Remember to always finish an exercise with your horse on a good, positive note. Once you are happy with how your horse rode this exercise, finish up. I always attempt the exercise again a day or two later to see if both me and Dante learned from what we were trying to achieve with the exercise!

This exercise can also be used as a jumping exercise if you wish to put the related distances up to verticals or oxers if your feeling brave! Be sure to give it a go for yourself & do tag me in any videos you take of you doing this exercise.


A Bunch of Jumpy Jumps – February Exercise 2

This week I am going to introduce you to a jumping exercise! It did not originally start out like the layout below, but with some great arena help my original grid progressed into quite an interesting workout not only for Dante but for me too. I keep my jumping to twice a week, alternating between grid work and related distance work for the meantime, I certainly killed two birds with one stone with this exercise!

Keep scrolling below to see the layout and “how to” on this weeks exercise.

The Set Up

For this exercise, see the set image below. It can be used as a flat work exercise or a canter pole exercise if you wish, for the brave I suggest you introduce some jumps to the mix! The distances are on the image below, please also take not that the poles without any triangles beside them, were not jumps! I like to keep a variety.

As always, the set up below is made for a horse, measurements may need to be adjusted for smaller horses or ponies. I would 100% recommend having someone on the ground to assist with adjustments for this exercise.

How To Ride This Exercise

  1. As always, I advise that a good warm up is done prior to partaking in any of our exercises. For this exercise I focused on having a forward moving canter in my warm up, keeping an even rhythm around the arena, as this is what I will be looking to translate into this exercise.
  2. This exercise can be ridden in sections first before progressing to the entire exercise. I began firstly by tackling the grid. This is set up with trot poles on approach followed with one stride of canter between each fence. The aim here was to land on the correct lead and to keep a forward even rhythm in the canter as Dante landed. To put it simply no breaking into trot or not taking off in excitement after the second fence.
  3. There were a few times when he was landing incorrectly, this is when the pole at figure number 2 came in handy, and helped assist as the course progressed on. I used this pole as a base for a lead change across the diagonal.
  4. This in turn then set me up perfectly to continue on to ride my related distance. Marked number 3 & 4 in the image below. Here we ran into some rushing problems between the fences. It was a four stride, and there were times we were getting 3… Sitting up tall after the first fence and wrapping my legs around him began to help as we done it a few times. I also found that the more I continued on with fences and poles and the less I brought him back to a walk, or a time out for me, the better he became at flowing easily through the exercises.
  5. Before I introduced the 5th section of the exercise in I wanted to make sure he was travelling more smoothly over part 3 & 4. It was quite a sharp turn into number 5 with yet another lead change as we landed.
  6. Once I was happy with all parts of the exercise, it was time to finally piece it all together. I get fidgety and flappy though corner and in between fences, so this was the aim here to basically sit on Dante and let him travel to the fences, no rider interference! It improved a lot as I rode it a few times, but this is an exercise that I will definitely be doing again, the variety kept Dante always thinking and the sudden turns and changes made me the rider really concentrate.
  7. To test yourself even more as you familiarise yourself with this exercise, after you come over fence number 5, transition down to trot and bring your horse over the grid again, see if your horse really listens and reacts to your direction!

The Benefits of The Exercise

  • Improves your horses canter and adjustability
  • Sharpens up your leg changing aids
  • Stops your horse from Rushing
  • Improves co-ordination

Remember to always finish an exercise with your horse on a good, positive note. Once you are happy with how your horse rode this exercise, finish up, I always tend to leave the exercise up for 2/3 days in the arena and visit it again to see how we have progressed from the first attempt!

I love a good technical jumping session, and now with shows coming back into action over the next few weeks this will certainly keep you and your horse on your toes ahead of entering the show ring!

Be sure to give it a go for yourself & do tag me in any videos you take of you doing this exercise!


Focus On The Poles – February Exercise 1

It has been forever since I have had the time to sit down and put together some of the exercises I have been doing with Dante over the past few weeks. Dante is on a 7 day working schedule and for our flat/pole days and likewise on our jumping days I like to be prepared with what I am doing so that our time isn’t wasted in the arena.

For the month of February, I shall be sharing with you guys a weekly exercise, a mixture of flatwork & poles, and some jumping exercises also. We are on lockdown here in Ireland, so I hope it is something you can do or use as motivation to get you through your week with your horse.

Keep scrolling below to see the layout and “how to” on this weeks exercise. There is also a video over on our Instagram page on how Dante rode the exercise, be sure to check it out.

The Set Up

For this exercise, see the set image below. You can use it as a flat polework exercise, or if you are feeling brave or as you progress over a few days you can turn them all into jumps. I never walked the distances out between to outer canter poles, this was in order for me to be able to adjust Dante to the stride I wanted him to do.

The trot poles in the middle are 5 heel to toe footsteps between, with the middle pole raised. These can be adjusted to 4/4.5 steps for smaller horses or ponies.

How To Ride This Exercise

  1. As always, I advise that a good warm up is done prior to partaking in any of our exercises. For this exercise I focused a lot on transition work with Dante very helpful before we began, also making sure he was moving forward from my leg.
  2. This exercise can be ridden in sections first before progressing to one large exercise, depending on you and I guess how your horse is going. I began by getting an active forward trot over firstly the poles on the diagonal, and over the outer poles, getting Dante flexing around my leg in the trot, as we move up into canter this will become extremely helpful.
  3. Moving into our canter, I began by focusing firstly on cantering large circles over the poles at the top and bottom of the arena, focusing on having an even rhythm in the canter, making sure to also land on the correct lead as you move to your next pole.
  4. Once you are happy with this, you can begin to piece all of the 4 outer poles together. As you can see from my video on Instagram, I had a mixture of raised poles and small cavaletti’s as well as flat poles in this exercise. Variety for Dante works, he rushes more as the poles raise, so this was great to get him to approach flat poles the same as small jumps. My aim was to get a steady even forward canter the hole way around the poles.
  5. I haven’t mentioned the raised poles as of yet in this exercise, well let me add them in! They are used in this exercise to aid in changing your rein. I find this much easier to keep the exercise flowing so that you can keep the flow going instead of stopping and starting all the time. (As much as I would rather stop to catch my breath!)
  6. To finish, the entire exercise should ride as follows. Pick up your trot, changing the rein over your raised poles on the diagonal, pick up canter in the corner, ride a circle of canter over all your poles. Change the rein again over the diagonal, trotting over your poles, pick up canter and continue on with your canter over your poles on the other rein. Finish your exercise by transitioning down to trot and over your poles on the diagonal again, and viola, your done!

The Benefits of The Exercise

  • Improves your eye for a stride
  • Improves your horses canter and adjustability
  • Sharpens up your transitions
  • Improves flexability

Once you are happy with how your horse is riding this exercise, remember to always leave your horse on a good note, now keep in mind that your horse needs to do what you ask it to do so don’t worry if it takes a few turns to get this exercise right. I normally leave it up for 2/3 days to get it perfected.

I found this exercise super productive & really made me focus during my riding session. Plans really do work once you put them in place, It’s great to have a schedule to focus on and to keep you motivated, especially in this day and age!

Be sure to give it a go for yourself & do tag me in any videos you take of you doing this exercise! Next week I have a lovely jumping exercise that is sure to keep you thinking on your toes!


Equisolv – Premium Equine CBD

Next up we have another fabulous Irish brand newly on the market, Equisolv Premium Equine CBD.

I have not used this product (as of yet!) so below is not speaking from experience but from research. From what I have found it is extremely interesting and sounds like a great addition to have in any yard or feed room. Equisolv Premium Equine CBD is a product of two passionate entities coming together to develop a supplement aimed at delivering numerous health benefits and alternative therapeutic solutions to horse health concerns.

Dawn Ward the founder of Elevation Equestrian has played quite a role in the development of this product, alongside the team at Remedy Health Ltd who are existing manufacturers of natural, organic CBD products, so lets get right into it, see below all the key facts you need to know about Equisolv Premium Equine CBD.

Benefits Of CBD For Horses

There are numerous benefits of using Equine CBD or so I am told anyways! Improving health & well-being, managing behavioural issues or as form of therapy. Like in humans, CBD is know to aid and assist with chronic pain, anxiety & stress levels, this has the same effect for our horses. Some additional benefits that caught my eye when reading up on it were the following, alleviating aggression and moodiness, reducing inflammation, promoting good digestive health, boosting the immune system, relieving allergies and is a very powerful recovery aid when given after strenuous work. All these benefits I am sure some of us horsey guys and gals could definitely use in our favour to have an even happier horse between our legs.

What is Equisolv CBD?

To put it simply Equisolv is a practical solution for numerous amounts of equine health concerns. A natural product that is 100% organic with no known side affects. Equisolv is super potent with a very minimal feeding rate required compared to other similar products on the market. It delivers 18000mg of full spectrum CBD per every 600g tub. The powder is milled to a very fine composition making it very easy to administer and is fed according to each individual animal’s requirements. This allows owners to adjust the dosage to suit every horse’s different needs. CBD is totally safe to feed and is not psychotropic as it contains no THC (present in marijuana plants and responsible for giving the famous “high”). It is continuously independently tested for quality and quantity of CBD. 

Below is a very useful chart when it comes to feeding & dosage!

Everything about Equisolv is 100% Irish, the hemp they use is grown and harvested in Co. Wicklow and the processing is completed in their facility in Youghal Co. Cork. It is 100% organic, contains no THC and is independently laboratory tested for the quality and quantity of CBD. Equisolv Premium Equine CBD should not be a replacement for sound veterinary advice but is a powerful natural aid to assist horses in the recovery of illnesses and injuries, for horses requiring relaxation and for when an additional nutritional boost is required.

Dawn Ward, founder of Elevation Equestrian has been instrumental in the development of Equisolv alongside the phenomenal team at Remedy Health Ltd who are existing manufacturers of natural, organic CBD products. The opportunity to collaborate on a quality, highly beneficial equine health supplement was taken and the outcome is a product that we are all extremely proud to stand over. 

Equisolv is certainly making a name for itself on the equestrian market as of late, and for all the right reasons at that too. The word game changer comes to mind, and some have even said miracle powder. They had a very accurate and relevant quote that really stuck in my head on their facebook page, I think as a horse owner it really stands out and makes a statement at that too!

As humans we house, feed and work horses in ways that are not natural to their evolution, Equisolv is our way of giving back to an animal that brings so much to so many of us.


If you like what you’ve read be sure to head over to the Equisolv website or check out their Facebook page for even more in depth detail on the product itself.

Available to purchase also from the following outlets – Equissentials , Sean McEntee’s, Equisolv

If anyone has any further questions, be sure to get in contact with Dara, or the team on their Facebook page, they are super helpful.



In times of trouble, us Irish seem to always find a way to laugh or joke or to have some humourous way around dealing with the hard things. We do often use this as a way of avoiding or dealing with the crazy and troubling times we are facing yet again, can you actually believe it? No. Me neither.

The fabulous Lorna O’Hare from Equestrian Reality recently set up a Facebook page gathering and pulling equestrian retailers together, for some of us our online shopping dreams finally came true, but I thought why not reach out and give some of these Irish businesses an extra push and some extra online recognition. There is nothing more I like seeing than Irish supporting Irish, especially in the equestrian community.

So welcome our new “Supporting Irish Equestrian” featured section on No Bucking Way. This is my way to give back to these Irish companies and to support them in what I can only imagine has been quite a difficult year. Each week I will introduce you to a new business give you details and links to their sites not only in a blog post but over on our social media channels too.

For your Information – So you are aware some brands & companies I have worked with before and have promoted their products.

Let me introduce you to Equisub

How many of you have heard about the brand new offering from Equisub recently? Well if you have been living under a rock please remove it and come back to reality QUICK! So lets get straight into in, see below everything you need to know about the new Irish brand Equisub, not only have they got Subscription box’s but they also have gorgeous horsey Pjs.

EquiSub – Subscription Boxes

Equisub is a new online equestrian subscription box company. From monthly gift boxes, to once off gifts, they even have special children’s versions available, Equisub have something for everyone. To make things a bit more attractive towards your spend, they are super affordable with prices starting from only €35. Things just keep getting better, you receive full sized products from an array of different Irish brands, yes I said full sized. This means you get the chance to try out products in full, I don’t know about you but samples only leave you wanting more.

Orders are to be placed before the 20th of each month in order to secure your subscription boxes to be dispatched on time. All orders can be made here.

Equisub – Pyjamas

Yes there is more to Equisub than subscription boxes. Pyjamas. No regular pj’s at that but horse themed pyjamas! Any horse girls dream. They have a few different styles, from onsies to two piece items they even have toddler sleep suits. I was gifted one of their fabulous onsies at Christmas, which I was super impressed with, so comfortable and the best bit, a flap at the back which means going to the toilet was much easier (no need to strip down!) The most important question of course left until last… They don’t loose shape after a wash, WIN!

Available To Purchase – HERE

The perfect gift for your horsey friend for that special occasion, be it a birthday, anniversary or if your feeling generous as a thank you gift, I don’t think you will go wrong with an Equisub subscription box for that horsey man or woman in your life.

Be sure to check out their website for additional gifts such as horse themed slippers and throw over blankets. Keep up to date by following their socials on Instagram & Facebook

Be sure to check back in next Monday for our next Support Irish Equestrian addition, and for any companies who want to get involved be sure to drop me an email.

Stay Safe & Happy Shopping,