Top 5 Must Have Products

Check out below some of my must have products. Ranging from hoof care to products that make me feel secure in the saddle, there is something listed below for all of you!

*Stockists listed below each product*

Veredus Phlo Gel – BioCare Range

This stuff is a god sent. Veredus Phlo Gel assists in the relief of muscle and tendon inflammation. Tones and relaxes, promoting muscle and tendon warm up & recovery. Ideal for massaging before competitions, especially during the colder seasons. This product is extremely easy to use, and smells delicious! I tend to use it more over the summer during competition months, when Dante may be jumping more. Using it on his back legs mostly, I tend to put it on his in the horse box before travel to a show. During the winter months, it gets used after exercise to help him recover.

Directions for use: Apply Phlo Gel on the desired area, massage gently until absorbed. Repeat as required. It can be used before work as heating. (FYI, I sometimes use it on myself if I have a sore back or a stiff shoulder!)

Available from

Effol Leather Grip Stick

I absolutely love this product! I don’t know if its in my head or if I just have a few notions of myself, but the leather grip stick gives me the sense of a secure leg when I go into competitions. Its not sticky, doesn’t stain your boot or clothes that’s if you are as sloppy as me. It simply gives you grip. It does exactly what it says it does, I rub it directly onto my boot, and sometimes if riding in slippy jods I rub it directly on to my saddle. Great thing about it, it doesn’t leave any marks.

With a simple twist and turn stick the gel is so easy to apply and it seems to last ages too, I have had mine over a year and for one I am surprised I havn’t lost it and two, it is lasting extremely well.

Highly recommend, available from Tailored Equestrian

LEOVETHoof Lab Elastic Cream

Looking after your horses hooves can be quite the challenge this time of year, I am extremely lucky to have Leovet involved with me for 2022, this means I get sent out products to use on Dante.

I received the Hoof Lab Elastic cream back in August, and I am on my second one (purchased!) This stuff is amazing, in my opinion!

It is a natural hoof elastic cream that supports the moisture balance and helps to keep the hoof walls and heels strong as well as improving the moisture balance keeping it maintained and supported. All whilst improving the appearance of your horses hooves.

Directions for use:

Apply to hoof walls, sole and frog 2 – 3 times a week until desired effect is achieved. What makes this product great, the bottle has an easy built in application which means no mess!

Available from

Motherbee Super Balm

The revolutionary Soothe & Protect, ‘fix all’ in a tub is now available as Super Balm. Containing soothing beeswax balm this helps to soothe any cut, sore or abrasion – your horse may have!

The Super Balm contains natural oils including Jojoba, which provides a protective barrier whilst also allowing the skin to breathe and regenerate. I found this balm amazing for hair growth. Those small cuts on their legs or anywhere on the body in fact, throw on some balm and in 2- 3 days you will see hair back growing on the effected area.

The natural antibacterial properties have great benefits, whilst also soothing inflamed and sore skin.

With tubs starting at €12, it lasts a life time! Its An essential in my first aid kit!

Available from EQUI-WASH SPONGE

Its not often you hear people rave about their love for a sponge, but this one has my heart. Such a simple product, yet one that is extremely effective.

I have had a few different types of these sponges before, and the Packhorse EquiWash has been one I cant not use! Its amazing. It is a dual action sponge which means that you can be a gentle as you like whilst using the soft side of the sponge or you can be as rough as you want whilst scrubbing away dirt with the rougher (black) side of the sponge.

The sponge comes in a vacuum pack seal so don’t be alarmed if you think its the thinnest sponge you’ve ever seen, it expands when opened and wet!

Available from

Hopefully something above will be added to your “Horsey Kits” I for one highly recommend them all!



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