Winderen Gel Bit System – Product Review

Its been a while buckers, The OG horse product reviewer has returned!

Back with a bang with our latest product review on the “Winderen Gel Bit System”. Often you see product reviews been thrown up within minutes of said person receiving said “free” product, myself on the other hand, I like to use and trial products for quite some time before I feel happy or comfortable being able to actually recommend it to you, my lovely followers. Keep scrolling and find out for yourself what my exact thoughts are on The Winderen Gel Bit System….

About The Brand?

“For us at Winderen, horses have always been our greatest passion and a part of life. Years of experience in the saddle along with our vast expertise in industrial design and technology led us to the first innovative solutions for horses and riders that were not yet available on the market – and this is how Winderen was born”

Winderen Gel Bits System is a unique gel mouthpiece system, a specially designed innovative approach for riders who use more than one bit in their daily training schedules. Each gel mouthpiece is interchangeable and offers riders the freedom to change cheek/bit pieces.

The Gel Bits System is pleasant to touch, eagerly chewed and accepted by horses and has a great resistance to biting. A number of different mouthpieces are available all with different flexibilities as well as a number of bit pieces available leaving riders open to a vast array to choose from.  

Now you know about the brand, let me get into the detail about what I thought, the benefits, and most importantly where to purchase, Keep scrolling below to find out more.

*Whilst this was a gifted product, my opinions and reviews remain honest*

Why Did I want To Use It?

Finding a bit to suit your horse can be quite a difficult task, when you think of what is required from doing flatwork at home to what you need in the competition ring sometimes a selection of bits is required. Some for more control, some for lighter training days, this all can also varies from horse to horse.  Being able to keep the same mouth piece, whilst having the flexibility to change the bit pieces was something that stood out a mile when it came to the Winderen Gel Bit system.

Not many brands have created or provided the rider an easy way to adjust their bit without having to change to mouth piece, but Winderen have in fact hit the nail on the head with their new Gel Bit System.

Finding a mouthpiece that suits your horse can be a task in itself, but when you find the right mouthpiece that your horse is comfortable in, the next issue is finding a desired cheekpiece to match the mouthpiece for acquired task. Personally it has been a viscous circle.

Dante previously was ridden in a rubber mouth straight bar full Pelham, as we progressed the Pelham was running us into slight training issues. There was no freedom to change the bit and keep the mouthpiece hew as comfortable in and this was quite a frustration.

This was until I discovered Winderen and their genius Gel Bit System. Simply created  to cater for your horses needs allowing the rider the freedom to change the cheekpieces as required all whilst allowing your horse to ride comfortably in their preferred mouthpiece.

Who wouldn’t want to try this system out? I am quite surprised it hasn’t been on the market sooner.

Types of Mouth Pieces available

  • Rigid Mullen Mouth
  • Flexi Mullen Mouth
  • Super Flexi Mullen Mouth
  • Ported Mullen Mouth
  • Ported Mullen Mouth with Bit Guards

A Wide range of cheekpieces/bits are also available to purchase, these can be purchased separately if required, they consist of;

  • Egg Butt
  • D-Ring
  • Full Cheek Gag
  • Baby Pelham
  • Full Pelham
  • Beval
  • Double Broken
  • 2 Ring and so much more, check out the link below to their website where you will find the full list of what is available.

What bit will be the best for your horse? | manufacturer and equestrian shop Winderen

My Opinion & Would I Recommend?

An outstanding product, one which I would 100% recommend.

The above is quite a statement but the Winderen Gel Bit System has been a standout addition to our tack, and when you sit in the saddle and have a horse happy underneath you enjoying their work you most definitely find it hard to argue any cons. That being said, I have gone through many bits and brands to get to this place!

When picking what mouthpiece and bit I wanted to try out,  I chose the Ported Mullen mouth piece with bit guards along with the Egg butt Snaffle and Baby Pelham. Its safe to say I have not looked back since.

I tend to ride more in the baby Pelham at the moment as I gain that extra bit of control, that being said, there were a few moments at the beginning where I got a few head shakes from him, this was down to me having control and him not being able to run away from my contact.

He rides a lot smoother and rides over his topline in the Winderen Bit, something that I found very tough for him to achieve straight away when being ridden with regular metal mouth pieces. Changing the bit pieces itself is extremely easy, each bit purchased comes with an allen key and you simply screw off and screw on the as required.

See an example of an assembly video below!

I will admit, I don’t use the Eggbutt mouthpiece as frequently as the baby Pelham. It is mainly used for flatwork or hacking not so much for jumping. I find it quite mesmerizing, once you find a mouthpiece your horse is happy riding in you should stick to it,  something I never really put a second thought into before. After using the Winderen Gel Bit System, the freedom to be able to adjust the bit/cheekpieces depending requirements was a much more economical way of going.  

Lastly, I do have to mention that each mouthpiece is created to be durable against chewing, something that worried me, to this day there isn’t a mark to be seen which has me super impressed considering the Mouthpiece is used a minimum of 4 times a week and Dante chews!!! 

Coming with a 1 year guarantee, something many brands or products struggle to offer as much anymore, was another added bonus!

Concluding on the above it’s a 10/10 from me, a need not a want for every equestrian.

Benefits of Winderen Gel Bit System

I have seen a lot of The Winderen Gel Bit System on the Irish scene, from Amateur riders to Grand Prix riders, at least one if not more horses are spotted in the Winderen Gel Bit System at any horse show I have been at recently.  

See some key benefits below to help you if you are thinking of purchasing;

  • Durable against Chewing
  • 1 Year Guarantee
  • Multiple selection of mouth pieces and bits pieces to choose from
  • Winderen bits encourage chewing and loosening of the jaw
  • Can be used for horses allergic to metal bits
  • Good for sensitive horses struggling to accept a metal mouthpiece
  • Comes in White or Orange

Purchase Details

The Winderen Gel Bit System is available to purchase on the Winderen website, see links below;

Winderen Website:

Be sure to also follow the Winderen social media pages, Facebook & Instagram for more updates on their extensive product ranges.

Any questions on my review or anyone with any queries, drop me a PM and I will be happy to help.

Until Next Time,



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