Product Review – Reinrite Lunging Aid

The ReinRite Lunge…. I bet your all wondering what this product is, where it came from and why it has taken me near to a full year to write a review about it! Well, you know what they say… product reviews do take time, this allows me to use the product for some length of time before I spill the beans to you guys on my thoughts on the said product.

Lets jump right in, and get to the nitty gritty of everything you need to know about the ReinRite Lunge.

Disclaimer: As you all may be aware, I am a brand ambassadors for ReinRite, with this in mind it does not mean that we endorse their products for the sake of it. All my reviews are honest, have had a lot of trialing and if I didn’t believe or like the product my true opinion would be shared with you our readers.

About ReinRite

Created and owned by Timothy O’Keeffe, a Cork native. The one and only who brought us the original ReinRite Training aid that well frankly swept through the showjumping market over the past few years as the must have product to have. The ReinRite brand is about creating the perfect solution to encourage horse/ponies to adapt a correct outline or way of moving and to engage their hind quarters correctly, all with the aim of having a relaxed horse underneath or in front of you, promoting correct muscle build with less injury in the process.

What is ReinRite Lunge?

The ReinRite Lunge is in my opinion, a modern day improvement on your standard side rein. This product is produced to a finer standard which gives you long lasting benefits. Personally I think it would be a huge plus to any breakers in training or for anyone who incorporates lunge work into their weekly routine as much as I do. Like the regular ReinRite, There is no restriction of movement when your horse is working, allowing full flexion for you horse when turning left or right and most importantly it can be used in all paces, walk, trot & canter. The bungee cords that attach to the bit and roller girth are elasticated giving your horse loads of freedom to stretch, work and move forward.

What Benefits Does using the ReinRite Lunge Have?

  • Helps settle and calm your horse into their work on the lunge
  • Softens your horses mouth
  • Encourage freedom of correct flexion
  • Improving the acceptance of a contact
  • Develops topline muscles

My Thoughts on The Product

I first received the reinrite lunge from Timothy over a year ago, I think I got it last Christmas if I am being honest. I wont lie, when I first seen it, I was a little confused as to what it was, how it worked and how it was going to benefit my horse in his training.

Dante is lunged with his bridle (snaffle bit) and his roller, When first using the reinrite lunge, I attached one side to his bit, with the other clipped onto the top of his roller, one on either side, I started my lunging session and to be honest it was a nightmare, I didn’t find Dante was concentrating to much and felt he was running away with me way more than usual, obviously left slightly confused I ended the session and well decided to give it another go the following day.

The second day, I approached it slightly differently, on first look, the ReinRite Lunge doesn’t look too big, it hasn’t that much give in it, it has adjustable buckles on either side where the length depending on how you want your horse to work can be adjusted, with this I thought what’s that harm in shortening it slightly to see if this gave Dante less freedom and a bit more connection. Like before, I clipped it onto his bit, this time instead of clipping to other ends to the top of the roller, I clipped them to the side buckles of his roller, or if in simpler terms for you to understand better, the area where you would fasten your girth. The difference was well quite astonishing. This was a phase of Dante’s Life where he was just getting the hang of the hole lunging business and with this product he settled, he relaxed and he quite simply worked.

Rotating between the Reinrite Lunge & the standard Pessoa over the past few months, Dante, well as you may have seen has build up quite substantial muscle.

For me, the ReinRite lunge is an essential piece of kit. This product has limited availability, available from or by calling or emailing Timothy with your order. I know I couldn’t live without mine, it has certainly helped shape Dante into the horse he is today.

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to drop me a PM!

Talk soon,



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