Product Review – Eper-on Flex-on Spurs

The last few weeks or should I say months, you may have noticed my weird “boot attachments” in some of my riding videos or at shows. A lot of people have asked what they are, what they do, how they stay on & mostly where did I get them.

Keep reading to find out all about my Eper-On Flex-On Spurs! 

Flex On

A brand that I personally love, not only because of their stirrups, but because of the quality & sustainability they give you when you purchase an item from their range. The products in my opinion are build to last, whilst you think you may be paying above average compared to other brands, you soon learn that your money is being well spent when you still have a an almost brand new product 2-3 years after purchase!

What are Eper-on Flex-on Spurs?

The Eper-on from Flex-on is a new revolutionary concept for spurs which combines flexibility, fast fitting, customization and comfort. The futuristic design, allied with an innovative fixation system and a choice of technical material enables the spurs to adapt perfectly to your boots for that second skin feeling.

The Need to Knows …

Firstly they come with a gorgeous storage bag, something that a lot of equestrian products dont have. This really impressed me.

They come with a choice of 3 interchangeable spur heads (if you purchase online you get the choice of 4 spur head types, rounded, Hammer Head, Prince of Wales or round Wheel Head) ) the standard shop model comes with 2 ball end tips (15mm). On the back of the spur there are 3 different spur position holes, this I found to be very useful. It meant that I could position the spur head to where I wanted it. It also meant that mid ride if I needed to remove the spur I could just take out the spur head instead of removing the entire spur itself. You simply insert the spur in and twist it clockwise to keep it in place.

Available to Buy From: I purchased my Eper-on Flex-on Spurs from TRI Equestrian in the Curragh, I luckily managed to get them on sale, I am a magpie for bargains, & once I seen the bright colour green I was sold straight away!! Unfortunately for me only last week when I was cleaning them, I checked the sizes out & one is a medium & one is a small. So do keep an eye on this, or get a staff member to check. They are also available to buy online from their website & they come in an array of different colours.

Price: From researching different websites the price really seems to vary from €65 up to €113 this comes down to the different types of customization. I was lucky enough to purchase mine on sale for €35 so do keep an eye out at those peak sale times through out the year.

Cleaning:There is not much fault in the cleaning process to these spurs. A quick hose down & a wipe of the sponge, & they are back to looking brand new.

How to apply them

I struggled with this at the beginning. But now that I know how to apply them, they are quite genius. They click in over your riding boot heel, with either side of the spur sliding under to keep them in place. The main thing to remember about these & the main thing to keep them in place is to make sure the spur is over the heel of your boot, this is the secret to keeping them securely on!  

Once I figured out the correct way to apply them, they haven’t moved & it made me fall in love with them even more. See below a great video on the product that shows you how to apply & how to measure the Eper-on by flex-on Spur correctly onto your riding boot.

Compared to Regular Spurs: Regular spurs, annoyed me to be brutally honest & these well they looked complicated but once I properly read up on how to apply them to my boot they were the dream. There was no more messing with straps or adjusting sizes, these Eper-on Spurs simply slid on my boot & slid right off when I needed to take them off. 

My thoughts on The Product

At first, I will admit I was sceptical. I hadn’t heard or seen of anyone wearing or using Eper-on Flex-on Spurs before, so I had to figure them out for myself. Being the proud woman that I am, of course when I realised the box didn’t come with any instructions, I had no other choice but to play around with them trying to figure out how to apply them for myself.

Only within the last few weeks have I finally gotten to grips with how I was supposed to use them correctly and honestly I dont think I will ever go back to a normal spur again.

So to conclude, while these spurs do take a few days to get used to, more so of the fact that you almost feel as if your not wearing them at all when they are on, I would personally highly recommend them.

I would like to point out the fact that you should always check the spurs sizes before purchase to save yourself from running into the issue I had!

If you have any further questions about the Eper-on Flex-on spurs, drop me a comment & I will help you as best I can.

As always, thanks for reading,


2 thoughts on “Product Review – Eper-on Flex-on Spurs

    1. Hi Katie, Hope your keeping well, I will get in contact with Flexon and let you know, I used them for Riding clubs regional competitions and they were legal, not sure for British Eventing, BSJA or BD!


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