Top 5 Horse Riding Sayings Explained!

It goes without saying, that some of the slang us horsey people use are next to ridiculous! There often comes a time when you hear yourself saying certain things to not only receive certain looks from your regular human, but quite often you do get big outbursts of laughter! 

I have pulled together some of my most frequently used sayings, some that anyone who is not fond of the equestrian world & their terms may find it difficult to begin to process how these sayings can even relate to a young woman or man and their horse! 

So, without any further hesitation, if you have a husband, a partner or older kids and you are often caught in the firing line of explaining certain sayings, look no further! 

I have picked my top 5 that I feel are in desperate need of an explanation! Keep scrolling to find out the real meaning behind these! And dont jump to any conclusions at a first glance!! 

I can’t Wait for The ride Later”

Us equestrians really do love our sport. If we could we would be with our animals every second of the day. But unfortunately work & life sometimes get in the way! The above saying often turns the head of those not horsey males especially when said out loud in an office! People, we are talking about exercising our HORSES!!! 

I have to wash his willy”

If horses were able to do this task, trust me we would happily let them & step away from this not so pleasant scenario. Keeping your horses bits clean & infection free is a must when you own a male horse (gelding). Unlucky for us equestrians, we have to get elbow deep literally with the cleaning of his “bits”. If you want more detail on this, do check out this blog post I wrote on the subject. For any non horsey people, it is quite the eye opener!

Your going in too deep”

Jumping your horse can be so majestic, but there are times when you just don’t get it right & it turns into quite a disaster. Walking into an equestrian centre & hearing a female instructor in particular screaming “your going in to deep” can be a head turner.

Any regular person may take a moment to think about what they had just heard, but trust me there is an explanation. See this image to the left, it simply means that your horse has not left enough space in front of the jump in order to clear the fence comfortably, in turn they have gone in too deep! 

He won’t come into my hands”

Having a contact with your horse whilst riding is a vital part of well, riding your horse! You do often see horses running around the place, heads in the air tongues hanging out of their mouths with very frustrated riders on their backs. I am one of those riders. Having your horse come into your hands can be difficult, and no it has nothing to do with washing your horses willy!! When we say this we are basically asking our horse to work from our legs up the contact! Practice makes perfect with this one. 

I Just rode him bareback down the lane”

Our horses wear a saddle when we ride them, or so any normal people think. But often us equestrian want to venture into the world of riding our horse without a saddle, and just sitting on their bare – back. This is where this saying comes in to play, for any of you filthy minded animals!!! Their can be massive benefits from riding your horse bareback, from correcting your position on the saddle, to strengthening your legs! It is something I love to do, I am often seen riding Dante bareback down my yard lane!! 

Anyone with a filthy mind is probably sitting back in disbelief that the above slander is quite PG when it comes to properly explaining it, and to anyone with kids I apologise for the 50 millions questions in advance!!

On the plus side, at least now you can have some peace of mind when you hear your beloved wife, girlfriend or boyfriend using any of the above terms in conversations!

Have you heard any other hilarious puns or horse riding slander used? Be sure to write them in the comments below & if you want any horse sayings translated please do let us know!

Until Next Time, 


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