Product Review – Jump Start Show Jumps

Spring is officially here and having some bright, fun & colourful poles around the arena was a must for everyone in the yard this year. Not only to help with schooling, but to give the horses something new to look at & get used to.

Originally we had 5 poles on hold with another company, but due to a misunderstanding & maybe I forgot to press send on a text message…. long story short we lost these poles & were left sourcing from elsewhere. So step in John O’Toole, owner of Jump Start Show Jumps.

From start to finish he was a dream to work with, keep reading to see how we got on…

Who is Jump Start Show Jumps?

An Irish brand, that specialise in creating & making horse jumps. The man behind everything, John O’Toole, has been a pleasure to deal with, extremely accommodating and super efficient. Based in Rathangan Co. Kildare he creates & makes everything himself, collecting your poles is hassle free & delivery of your poles can also be arranged if needs be.

All of their fences are made from imported timber, using strong joints and come complete with plastic caps on the ends to protect from damage. John offers a beautiful range of poles with an array of bright eye catching colours. Something for everyone to work with.

Welcome to Pole Heaven

What we thought?


John very kindly gifted us a pair of cavaletti’s to test out & review. We were thrilled, as anyone would be. When we got back to the yard after picking everything up, we made setting up the cavalettis a priority.

Please note that these are NOT John’s Poles!

It is safe to say I don’t think we will ever go back to blocks or potties after using these! For starters we had an even height to our poles throughout the exercise & secondly the thickness and weight in the cavaletti made sure that they stayed put & upright even with a few knocks from the horses struggling to lift over them.

The finish on each cavaletti is immaculate. We are planning on painting them with our logo over the next few weeks. They can come painted or unpainted depending on your preference.

Show Jumping Poles

A few of us in our yard chipped in to help pay for two blue & white poles from John’s new aluminium range, two black & white & two unpainted wooden poles. To start, the paint finish was top spec. Not a scratch or a chip on anything even after we may or may not have hit them off a few things putting them into the horse box. Originally we were going to paint the two unpainted poles, but after we set them up in the arena, they looked way too perfect as a rustic fence, so we are going to leave them unpainted!

To jump, they were very stable. As some of you may know Dante is known for demolishing courses but the small taps they got during our test run didn’t leave a single chip which was a win. The poles are heavy but not unbearably heavy so they’re not too much of a hassle to clear off afterwards.

We honestly couldn’t recommend them enough, and at John’s price they are extremely affordable, making it possible to build up an impressive collection over time.

What Else Do they Have?

It’s not only poles & cavalettis that John has on offer at Jump Start Show Jumps. He also has a wide selection of Cross Country & Working Hunter jumps available. Some that are certainly on our wish list to purchase over the summer. His XC jumps are also movable, something that was a selling point for us! He also has a selection of fillers available. Some can be made upon request, or you can chose from his selection on offer.

A wide range of childrens jumps & wings are also available. We thought this was a fantastic idea and great as a Christmas or Birthday present. Something for them to call their own as they start off their horse riding careers!

Custom Made Fences for Greg Broderick


At Jump Start Show Jumps they offer a complete custom made service for companies or yards wishing to design their own personal fences.

Recently they created beautiful loose jumping barriers for none other than Greg Broderick, along with some custom-made fences. If you have any ideas that you are unsure of or think it may be impossible for it to come to life, do give John a call, some of his jumps are creative masterpieces!

New 2019 Additions

Square & hexagon poles. They seem to be getting more popular amongst equestrians. John has a new collection of 3 & 3.5 metre hardwood hexagon and square poles, they come in a various selection of colours. These are genuine hardwood poles made of iroko timber and finished in a satinwood. Unlike some copies in softwood (cedar, larch etc which are a softwood) John’s hardwood poles have substantial strength and are made to last.

The Price Range

  • Painted Poles – €38 per pole
  • Unpainted Poles – €17 per pole
  • XC / Working Hunter Jumps – €200- €325
  • Cavalletti Unpainted – €30
  • Cavalletti’s Painted – €35
  • Square Poles (3m) – €70
  • Square Poles (3.5m) – €75
  • Hexagon Poles (3m) -€90
  • Hexagon Poles (3.5m) – €95
  • Uprights with metal strips only €120 per pair

Some Jumps On Our Wish List

Check out Orla’s demonstration of how to ride the cavaletti’s!

Although we got some products free of charge we were not paid to do this review. All of our reviews are from our own honest opinions

If you are lucky enough to own some fabulous new poles from the collection, be sure to look after them. Store them upright and side by side to keep them clean. This will also stop anything from rubbing off them or chipping against them.

We hope you enjoyed this review as much as we did, it is safe to say we certainly have started saving up for more jumps from John.

If you are interested in ordering anything, or have any questions regarding customizing your own make sure to give him a call on 086-7337925 or send him a direct message on facebook. Be sure to also keep up to date on their Instagram page!

As always thanks for reading,

Darielle & Orla

3 thoughts on “Product Review – Jump Start Show Jumps

  1. Delighted with my new set of fences from jump start showjumps..delivered to the yard looking great..thank you.

    1. Amazing!! Be sure to give us & Juostaft jumps a tag on instagram if ya vids of you in action, we love looking at all their new jump creations!!

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