Grill the Equestrian – Gonzalo Busca Roca

Up next for our “Grill The Equestrian” Series is International Spanish Rider Gonzalo Busca Roca. We had the pleasure of meeting Gonzalo at Hickstead back in June. It is safe to say that we definitely made a lasting impression, especially considering this interview took place in the bar after a donkey derby!

Have a read below to find out a bit more about Gonzalo, and be sure to keep up with Gonzalo and  follow him over on his social media channels all links are below!

**Some Graphic Questions at the end. LOL scroll to read! **

Who is Gonzalo Busca Roca? 

Rider and fireman, Gonzalo Busca Roca lives in the North of Spain close to the French border. A hard worker, 2018 has been a really good year. Some of the highlights were representing Spain in the Nations Cup in Lisbon, placing 4th in the CSIO Gijon 5* Speed Class, placing 5th in the Spanish Championship, winning the 3 GP in National 4*, and competing in the Hickstead Derby.

What’s your warm-up routine for a competition?

I like to take a bit of time to let them relax before a competition. I don’t like being late or under pressure, I like letting the horses relax and not spend too long in the stable. They live in the stable all day, I dont like this. I tend to hack them a good bit in the morning, let them stretch out. Before I go in the ring, I do a 40 minute warm up, sometimes the horses need to be lunged before hand it depends on their temperament.

How many horses are you competing at the moment & how many horses on average do you compete throughout the year? 

I am competing 3 Horses at Hickstead – 2 jumping international classes and a nice 7 year old in the national classes. Throughout the year I have 7/8 horses, a lot of young horses too. 

Whats been your favourite show of the year so far?

Hickstead without a doubt. They have strong courses, the jumps are heavy. It’s a show where you know you & your horses will be challenged.  

We have young horses, what would be your best advice for people producing young horses?

Normally the horses I have in big competition I have had since they were young. If they’re good, keep going. Go slow with them, give them time, get them experience in the ring. I dont like to go too fast with them. Go higher when they’re ready and confident. If they had 50 good experiences before a bad experience it doesn’t matter, just try again.

Do you teach any young riders at home in Spain?

Not at the moment, I used to. I got so busy with my own horses so I didn’t have time. I just help friends out when they ask me and give them my advice.

What advice would you have for Darielle being quite small in comparison to her horse to help hold him together, should she be using a stronger bit as some people have suggested?

You need to go to a gym, you need strong legs. Young horses if they have a good mouth to ride them properly, stick to working him in a snaffle. Sometimes stronger bits do more damage.  

What would you do with a horse who suddenly becomes spooky and starts refusing similar to Coco?

First thing, I would lunge her every time I ride her. The more fresh the horse is the more spooky they can be. The horse needs to be relaxed. When you get a mare you need to be calm. If she doesn’t like something, she needs to do it every day. 


“So enough of the shitty technical questions!! Lets get the goss!”

Who is your favourite female rider at the minute?

Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum- I think shes really talented and her horses work well for her.

Photo 08-10-2018, 10 56 09Which equestrian disciplines do you prefer the most? And which do  you hate the most? 

Showjumping, I think it would be fun to try eventing. Dressage for competition would be boring but you need dressage for showjumping to make sure the horse is up in your hands.

Who’s your biggest rival on the scene right now? 

Shane Breen is the man to beat at a show.

Out of all the shows you’ve gone to, who causes the most trouble? Men or Women?

I can’t say … women ……

Do your“man bits” hurt when you land after a jump? Do you wear a cup?

No, normally when I get on the horse I can’t feel anything. You just need to be careful. (a lot of laughter was had with this question, as we finished)

Well there you have it, the ins & outs on everything you need to know about Gonzalo & his man bits! Be sure to give him a follow over on his social media channels including his  Instagram & Facebook page!

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Keep those eyes peeled! And of course, if you want us to grill someone you think would be of interest, let us know in the comments below or drop us a quick email! 

Thanks for reading, 

Darielle & Orla

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