Summer Bargains

It goes without saying that everyone loves a bargain, I personally would much  prefer spending hours in a horse shop than shopping for myself these days.

Such a Guilty Pleasure!!

As we come into the summer season, whether you are travelling out to shows or staying home in your yard, the change in weather will mean a change of rugs, and a change from using certain things that scream out winter.

I will run through a few necessities, click to link in blue to be brought straight to the sellers website so you can lap up the bargains going around!!

May Bargains Online & In Store

waterproof rug
Waterproof Rugs!! Ideal for summer in Ireland, these are very light with loads of space so perfect for popping over tack while you warm up before any big events. They retail at €50 and go up to size 7’0. To Buy Click HERE!


fly fringe
Fly Fringes! They look hilarious, but they do help your horse keep the flies away. They are also only 99cent per fly veil!!! available from Holmstead Saddlery – Fly Fringes
plus vital
I don’t know about you but with the warm weather lately, I have really been looking after and caring for the horse’s feet! Hoof Care is so important. Coming into the summer their feet tend to get very dry, as there is not much moisture in the ground from sunny spells!! Lash this Plusvital Hoofcare once a day and their hooves will be looking fab!! Retails from €21.99, regular hoof oil/conditioner does the trick also! Click To Buy!



saddle pad
TRI Show Season Special!! Buy any Turfmaster Saddle pad from €29.95, and you can buy the matching veil set for €9.99!! Offer ends 26th May, call in store to avail of this AMAZING offer!!
Not only the perfect cooler, but perfect for travelling also! Lots of sizes still available on Sports Direct, very reasonably priced from €39.90 Click To Buy
Travel Boots!! Some people swear by them, some people hate them. Available in black or navy these travel boots from Sports Direct are a steal for only €36. All sizes available Click To Buy


Another cooler rug for an amazing Bargain from Sports Direct, at just €30! Matching travel boots are also available, I may have splurged on this one!! Click To Buy


Fly Rugs, these have been IMPOSSIBLE to find!! I tend to turn to Ebay or Amazon when I cant find anything, as long as you buy from the UK they tend to only take 3-5 working days to be delivered, this retails at £25.99 but reviews look great, I will definitely be buying!! Click To View



Hopefully some of you have picked up a few new bits from looking at the above. I know I did! Next on my list is a new set of tendon boots!!

We feel its only fair to share your bargains when you find them so we’ll be doing monthly Bargain Blogs! Feel free to share your bargains in the comments!

Peace Out & Happy Shopping!!



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