Home Remedies: Sage Leaves


Sage Leaves can be used to help calm down and clear eye infections.


  • Sage Leaves
  • Hot Water


Boil kettle, place 5-6 full sage leaves in a bowl, pour hot water into the bowl. Let the hot water cool down fully before distributing into water bottle/storage container. (Plastic bottle is ideal)

With Cotton buds or a make up remover pad, dab the infected area twice a day for 4-5 days.

If the infection has not calmed down or If you have not noticed any noticeable difference after the 4-5 days contact your vet.


If clear fluid is coming from the eye, this is an indication of an infection free eye.

If the eye is excreting a coloured fluid, it is recommended that the horse gets an anti-biotic as this could be a bad eye infection or an allergic reaction.

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