Welcome to No Bucking Way

Hopefully you’ve had a gander around the website by now but if not here’s a quick run-down of who we are and what we’re about:

  • Two Enthusiastic Equestrians thrown into the deep end with two rowdy youngsters
  • One 4yo(rising 5) Appaloosa Mare and one 5yo Irish Sport Horse Gelding. One is 15.2hh, the other 17.2hh..take your guess as to who’s who (hint: the answer is in the pic)
  • Discussing topics such as behavioural problems, useful schooling exercises, healthcare tips & tricks, training events & days out and anything else that we think is worth writing about

That’s probably the shortest amount of detail I could give you without boring you to death. Our journey with the brats is sure to be filled with endless entertainment and we’d be delighted to have you come along for the ride so make sure to check back in and keep up to date with our posts.

Have Instagram? Make sure to follow our account: NoBuckingWayBlog

Darielle & Orla


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